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Looking for a supportive and therapeutic yoga practice?

Private sessions offer a powerful way to enhance your well-being and discover new paths to a better life.

Whether you seek recovery, stress relief, anxiety reduction, improved breathing and sleep, or support during challenging times like a new diagnosis, emotional breakdown, or simply learning more, consider scheduling a private session with Laurent.

With years of experience and a robust background in teaching therapeutic Hatha and Somatic yoga, pranayama, breathwork, meditation, and yoga Nidra, Laurent employs a diverse approach, customising it to your specific needs and objectives.

His method is inclusive, attentive, and intuitive, making it suitable for both yoga beginners and those aiming to deepen their practice.

A private session with Laurent can be your tailored support system, fostering self-knowledge, respect, and a sense of safety on your unique yoga journey.

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Time and date of the classes are local to your time zone

Time and date of the classes are local to your time zone

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In-person Private Classes are only available in London.

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