EP 27: Healthy Gut, Happy life! Digestive Health with Beth Jeffries and Samantha Koch

In this episode, Laurent speaks to two guts and digestive health specialists: Beth Jeffries, a registered and nutritional therapist and health coach and Samantha Koch, a gut health and wholefood advocate.

Together, they speak about the importance of keeping our gut healthy and its relationship with mental health and give some tips to improve wellbeing and be happy in life.

In line with this episode, I remind you about this month live one day workshop in Wimbledon Village:

Healthy Gut, Healthy Mind – Holistic Practices for Wellbeing

Saturday 22nd January | 11:00 am – 5:00 pm


Beth Jeffries: blossomwithbetsy.com

Instagram: @blossomwithbetsy

Free eBook landing page link: https://www.subscribepage.com/supportingdigestionnaturally 

Samantha Koch:

Instagram: @healthyhappy.biz

Upcoming retreat: mandali.org/retreats/healthyhappy

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