EP33: Cellular breathing – a meditation with our silent breath

Did you know that we breathe in two different ways?

External respiration occurs in the lungs when it enters the body from the outside. It must pass through the respiratory organs, including the nose, throat, and pharynx, and into the lungs and out again through the same organs.

The breath travels that way, in and out, at a rate of 12 to 15 times per minute approx. Depending on their body and mental health, it might change from person to person.

Overall, external respiration describes the exchange of gases between the body and the external environment.

Internal respiration or cellular breathing occurs at the level of the cells. The oxygen from external respiration feeds every single cell in our tissues, tendon, ligaments, skin fascia, organs, bones, and the whole body’s cells.

The oxygen feeds the cells to produce energy for the body – the O2, oxygen, is assimilated and transformed to deliver the right amount of energy for the body to function well. CO2 or carbon dioxide is a by-product of this process. It is rejected out of our cells through the venous system and out of the body when we exhale.

This magical transformation of chemicals, oxygen, glucose, proteins, fats, etc., happens at a microscopic level.

The two respirations are two different processes and cannot be used interchangeably. They are necessary for our survival and functioning well.

Most of the time, during our breathwork, pranayama, or meditation, we are occupied and watch external breathing.

It is easy to access, feel and sense.

It connects us directly to the body, its form and shapes, and its movements.

It manipulates our nervous system, moods, feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

It connects us to our pleasure, pains, resistances, joys, loves, and true nature.

It can bring us to experience bliss.

It is the first and last thing that we do.

But most importantly, watching our breath as we know it allows us to dive deep within ourselves to search for something more intimate where we can sometimes discover cellular breathing.

We can only discover and meet our cells breathing through the felt sense of natural breathing.

Cellular breathing shows us how our whole body breathes, every single cell and part of us, with no exception.

When we practice cellular breathing, we experience something subtle but powerful. This unique awareness of our deepest breath slows us down and gently connects with the presence of breath throughout the body.
When we experience the subtle rhythmic pulsation of the cells and watch the silent breathing of the cells, the mind becomes quiet.

When awareness has reached the deepest part of our being and touched the cells, silent cellular breathing becomes a meditation.

Our consciousness expands and connects us to the oneness of our infinite-celled landscape.
This oneness comes from the vibration of each cell of the trillion cells in our body, communicating, pulsating and expanding in unison.

These constant expansions and contractions of each cell during cellular breathing ripple through the entire body like a tidal wave to make us aware of our vibratory and fluidity nature.

Cellular breathing generates life and energy and brings greater awareness of our true selves.

Let’s experience silent cellular breathing.

Listen to the podcast with the meditation here (actual meditation starts at 12’25’’).

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