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Deep Relaxation Masterclass: Awakening the Body with Somatic Meditation

90-minute monthly masterclass | Online

This class will be recorded.

Friday 3rd November | 6:30 pm 8:00 pm GMT

Online via Zoom

£12 Book as drop-in.

Have you explored the world of somatic meditation? While you may already be familiar with somatic movements and breathwork, somatic meditation offers a unique and transformative experience.

Somatic meditation is a contemplative practice that centres on physical sensations and bodily awareness to nurture mindfulness and self-awareness. In this exclusive event, Laurent will introduce you to two essential somatic meditation techniques that use the body as a gateway to connect with your inner peace and joy.

During these profoundly relaxing and spiritually enriching meditations, you’ll have the opportunity to transcend the noise of your thoughts and discover the profound richness of living fully in the present moment, grounded in your own body.

This month’s masterclass begins with the foundational technique, ‘The Ten Points,’ and continues with the follow-up practice, ‘Earth Descent,’ which will guide you to connect with the grounding, supportive, and unshakable essence of the earth.

To prepare for these empowering somatic meditation practices, we’ll start the session with gentle, restorative body movements and breathwork.

Join us for this transformative journey into somatic meditation, where you’ll uncover the wisdom of your own body and experience a more profound connection to yourself.

Friday 3rd November | 6:30 pm 8:00 pm GMT

£12 Book as drop-in.

Laurent Roure

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Online via Zoom