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Discovering the World of Vanda Scaravelli Inspired Yoga

One-day workshop | In-person

Sunday 25th June | 10:00 am 3:00 pm BST

Flow Tunbridge Wells


Discovering the world of Vanda Scaravelli Inspired Yoga – Practicing Outside the Box!

Do you want to practice and experience yoga from a different perspective? 

Discover new insights or learn new tricks and concepts to improve and simplify your existing practice.

You might want to refine your understanding of the tools of yoga in powerful and unconventional ways while practising gently, meditatively, and soothingly.

If so, this one-day workshop with Laurent Roure is for you.

Laurent discovered Vanda Scaravelli – inspired yoga a decade ago after practising forceful and robust methods such as ashtanga.

He knew something had to change when this practice didn’t fulfil him physically and spiritually.

Meeting Vanda’s work was a revelation and a challenge because, for once, this style of yoga asked our body, breathing, and mind to do less and to feel more.

The central idea behind Vanda Scaravelli’s style is to peel away all the old habits that we are storing during years of traditional yoga practice.

It is like cleansing, and It is scary because we are creatures of habits, and we like to repeat the same patterns, practices, and techniques repeatedly. They become habitual and don’t allow changes and transformation.

Vanda’s work is about starting again and simplicity. The main pillars of Scaravelli yoga are breath, gravity, and the spine.

These three elements are interlinked, and when they are used together with intelligence and patience, we experience a deep sense of freedom and lightness. Consequently, we feel blissfully liberated from the rigidity of imposed yoga poses or techniques.

In the first workshop, Laurent will show you the relationship between breath and gravity, leading to a deep sense of grounding and rooting through our feet and lower body.

In the second part, we will look at the free and light movements unleashed in the upper body and the spine by this connection with the earth.

With Vanda Scaravelli-inspired yoga, expect to slow down and be deeply present and immerse yourself in a sensory yogic experience with a difference. This way of practice can be relaxing on a cellular level and teaches us how to soften our bodily and mental tension without fighting it.

It is excellent for anyone with health issues who is setting out to plan their healing journey. Because of the slow pace and the gentle physical exercises, the body and the mind have the time to utilise, absorb and understand the practice and invite changes and recovery.

It is yoga accessible to all!

Laurent is a senior teacher based in London. He has studied and practised with Scaravelli-inspired teachers such as John Stirk and Su Sareen for a decade. He continues his explorations in this method with one of the rare Vanda students still on this planet, Sandra Sabatini.

“When the abandonment to gravity comes into action, resistance ceases, fear vanishes, the order is regained, nature starts again to function in its natural rhythm, and the body is able to blossom fully, allowing the river of life to flow freely through all its parts.” – Vanda Scaravelli.


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