Healthy gut, healthy mind – Holistic Practices for Well-being

3-hour workshop | In Person

Sunday 28th January 2024
1:00 pm


4:00 pm
15 Edge Street, London, W8 7PN, United Kingdom

Price: £


Did you know there’s a direct link between our gut and brain? Have you ever felt low when your digestive system isn’t at its best?

A few years ago, Laurent was diagnosed with IBS and gastrointestinal issues after a misguided treatment and sadly realised the connection between his condition, his energy, and his mental health.

During this 3-hour workshop, he wants to share his experience and tips and guide you on maintaining this vital part of your anatomy for a healthy state of mind.

Join him for this practical and educative somatic, breathwork and deeply introspective event exploring ways to connect with your lower belly chamber, core muscles, and soft organs, which often support tension, burning sensations, indigestion, and discomfort.

Discover and communicate with the enteric nervous system placed in the abdominal region, often called our ‘second brain,’ supporting digestion and linking to our autonomic nervous system through the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve transmits signals between the brain and the digestive system, helping regulate various gastrointestinal functions.
This connection regulates body functions, promoting calmness, relaxation, and our default sense of well-being.

Learn specific and soothing practices and techniques promoting the release of tension, improved circulation, and crucial abdominal stimulations.

In this therapeutic workshop, engage in slow-moving movements, targeted yoga techniques, specific breathing techniques, meditations, and visualisation techniques which helped Laurent and many of his students to deal with their conditions. Gain insights into the gut-brain connection through deliberate practice, master these skills, bringing your mind and body into quiet harmony using a holistic and practical approach.

Leave the workshop feeling nurtured and relieved in the body and with mental peace and serenity. This 3-hour workshop is for all students and practitioners, regardless of ability level.

The Life Centre
15 Edge Street, London, W8 7PN, United Kingdom