Immersive One-day Workshop: Vanda Scaravelli-Inspired yoga – an introduction to the main principles

1-day Workshop | In Person

Saturday 23rd March 2024
11:00 am


5:00 pm
Unit 3B, 9 Park Hill, Clapham London,SW4 9NS United Kingdom

Price: £


This event is strictly limited to 15 participants.

You may have encountered Vanda Scaravelli-inspired yoga through advertisements or on a yoga schedule but haven’t tried it yet.

This one-day event allows you to explore the main principles of this non-dogmatic, self-explorative, gentle and meditative approach to yoga.

Vanda Scaravelli was an influential yoga teacher who emphasised the principles of grounding and gravity, breath, and the freedom of the spine.

She believed that by developing an awareness of the body’s sensations, releasing the tension, and learning how to listen and watch ourselves move and breathe, we could work towards finding a natural and more fluid movement of the spine (and joints in the whole body.).

Scaravelli’s approach doesn’t highlight striving to achieve a specific pose or shape but instead finding a natural alignment with the help of the body’s innate intelligence.

Breath is also crucial to Scaravelli’s approach to cultivating awareness and releasing tension. By focusing on the breath and allowing it to move freely through the body, practitioners can release tension and allow the spine to free itself and move more naturally and efficiently.

Overall, Scaravelli’s approach to yoga focuses on cultivating awareness, releasing body and mental tension, and stopping overdoing rather than producing unnecessary efforts or stretching that may undermine the practice’s subtle nature and transformation.

By working with the body’s innate intelligence and emphasising the principles of grounding, breath, free movements and gravity, practitioners can develop a more natural and sustainable practice that supports overall health and well-being.

There are so many concepts and ways to approach Vanda’s method.

Still, In this day-long workshop, I compiled and will purvey what I think are the essential principles and elements that will put you in the right direction if you consider further exploring this approach.

They are:

  • Developing inner attention and becoming Quieter.
  • Cultivating the breath and releasing Tension.
  • Gravity, the Earth and the Feet.
  • Understanding the two opposite forces Freeing our spine and our being.

The one-day learning and resting retreat will include moving, breathing, meditating, and letting go, according to Vanda Scaravelli and my years of studies in this intelligent and sensitive way to approach yoga.

This practice is not strenuous or fast but will demand attention, exploration, and perhaps leaving the old habits and patterns behind for a while— a time to discover something outside the box that will bring you a new perspective to your practice.

This course is for all levels – even if you have never practised yoga.

The Space
Unit 3B, 9 Park Hill, Clapham London,SW4 9NS United Kingdom