Saturday Masterclass: Exploring the Radiant Spine

90-minute masterclass | Online

Saturday 22nd June 2024
8:30 am


10:00 am
This class is recorded – Available for one month.

Price: £


The spine is the centre of our body and the centre of all our movements.

Like a long bamboo in the wind, the spine needs to be receptive to the breeze of the breath while being supported by our core and deeply rooted.

In this 90-minute masterclass, we will focus on bringing life to the spine by using three elements together: roots, breath, and core, to see how they can release new vitality within our movements and bodies.

We will speak about the yogic concept of the bandhas, but not strictly and dogmatically, as some of us yogis were taught before.

Instead, we will revisit them in a new, subtle, and more sensorial way. Perhaps we will see them in a revolutionary light to find lightness and groundedness, sensitivity, energy, and a deep connection to the body’s natural rhythms.

This session is for all abilities.

The 90-minute masterclass will be recorded and accessible for one month.

Online via Zoom