Saturday Masterclass: Meditation with the Body

90-minute monthly masterclass | Online

Saturday 18th May 2024
8:30 am


10:00 am
This class is recorded – Available for one month.

Price: £


Meditating effectively requires a grounded, stable, balanced, and relaxed body.

In this session, we will delve into the cornerstone of meditation, focusing on maintaining proper posture and comfort. We’ll explore tips and techniques to achieve a serene posture, enhancing our experience of subtle inner work.

Furthermore, we’ll engage in a classic Buddhist mindfulness technique involving meditation on the body, its sensations, and its presence.

This often-overlooked foundation is crucial for mastering meditation, as refining awareness of the body precedes delving into more subtle aspects of the practice.

The 90-minute masterclass will be recorded and accessible for one month.

Online via Zoom