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Using The 8 Classical Pranayama Breaths In Modern Life

Saturday December 8th, 2018 • 14:00 - 17:00

Pranayama and breath work course

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Last October Laurent held a workshop entitled ‘The Foundation of Pranayama and Breathwork’. It served as an introduction to classical and more recent breath techniques and went on to explore and discover the mechanics of the breath. We also looked at breathwork techniques to strengthen and balance our breathing.
A key component of a complete classical yogic practice is mastering the 8 classical pranayama breaths. According to the pradipika (one of the three ancient manuals on hatha yoga) pranayama techniques are divided three categories: balancing, tranquilising and vitalising.
Within those categories come the 8 classical breaths which are said to affect different areas of the brain and body. Some activate and create heat in the physical and subtle body (the kosha), whilst others have a cool, calm and pacifying effect.
These ancient techniques have traditionally been kept secret from the outside world but fortunately today we are beginning to understand how we can harness the powerful benefits of the 8 breaths for our health and vitality. Laurent has extensive experience of these classical techniques and is adept at adapting them to our modern context. You will be introduced to them in a safe and secure way, giving you the opportunity to transform your yoga practice.
Please note that even if you did not get the opportunity to attend the previous workshop you are still more than welcome to attend this one. We will briefly revisit the key points before we jump into the 8 classical breaths.
The 8 Classical Breaths Are:

  • Surya Bhedana/ Nadi Shodana – A relaxing, balancing, cleansing breath.
  • Ujjayi – A calming and focused breath leading to meditation.
  • Sitkari- A cooling breath.
  • Sheetali- A cooling breath.
  • Bhastrika/ Kapalbhati – A cleansing, invigorating, warming and awakening breath.
  • Bhramari- A calming, soothing breath (loved by children).
  • Murcha- A breath which expands consciousness by stopping brain activity.
  • Plavani- A breath which increases the supply of energy in the body.

Please note that we will mention murcha and plavani during the workshop, but we
won’t practice them as these techniques are no longer relevant in a modern context.
Laurent Roure, has been practicing and studying pranayama in the style of Dr. Swami Gitananda Saraswati’s yoga system for many years.
He is an advocate for the Gitananda system due to its strong emphasis on physical therapeutics. Laurent’s approach to pranayama also utilises breathing techniques from outside the traditional yogic system and seamlessly embeds them into his practice and teaching. Laurent’s approach is thus finely tuned to be relevant and applicable to our twenty-first century lives.

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Saturday December 8th, 2018
14:00 - 17:00
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