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Refining and Nurturing Change: Scaravelli-Inspired Yoga, Breathwork, and Somatics for Grounding and Serenity.

Casita Yoga Battersea 108 Battersea High street, London, United Kingdom

2.5-hour workshop | In-person

In this workshop, Laurent Roure will guide you in discovering grounding, calmness, and serenity using Vanda Scaravelli-inspired yoga, somatic movements, breathwork and meditative practices. You will have the opportunity to experience transformation and embrace the transition from summer to autumn.

Somatic practices, Scaravelli yoga, and breathing and meditative techniques synergistically provide an intelligent and intuitive path for self-exploration during transition periods.


Yoga Nidra – Growing Your Roots

Online via Zoom

90-minute monthly Masterclass

Sometimes, we all require extra assistance and support to help us feel more grounded, centred, and, consequently, calm and relaxed.

In this Yoga Nidra session, you will utilise your imaginary roots, extending deep into the earth below, as a source of physical and emotional stability, balance, and equilibrium. This specially crafted meditative and profoundly relaxing sequence empowers you during challenging times.


Breathwork and Pranayama for Health and Well-being

Orange Yoga Crescent Bakery 70 St George’s Place, Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Two-day workshop | In-person

In this two-day workshop, Laurent will show you how to use breathwork and pranayama to support and deal with common health conditions encountered in your personal life or with students.

Laurent will guide you through gentle movements and specific breathing techniques in each session. Laurent's approach is informed by his vast experience working with students of all levels, and he is adept at addressing the most common body complaints.


Understanding Somatic Yoga: Exploring its Integration with Traditional Yoga

Online via Zoom

3-hour workshop | Online via Zoom

Join Somatic and yoga teacher Laurent Roure for a transformative journey into the realm of Somatic Yoga as we delve deep into its integration with traditional yoga practices.

In this experiential workshop, we will unravel the profound connection between the body and mind by exploring Somatic Yoga techniques enhanced by the wisdom of ancient yogic traditions.


Enhancing Breathing Through Somatic Movements and Breathwork

The Life Centre Notting Hill 15 Edge Street, London, United Kingdom

3-hour workshop | In-person

This therapeutic session will start by experiencing somatic movements specifically designed to stimulate and relax the respiratory structures placed in the torso, including the neck, ribs, and abdomen. Those gentle and mindful exercises are important physiologically and will release habitual tensions and patterns affecting breathing and heart function.

In the second part of the workshop, you will acquire the knowledge to activate the powerful connection between your breath and brain.


Discover the Wisdom of the Spine: Unveiling the Teachings of Vanda Scaravelli

Flow Yoga 29 Woodbury Park Rd, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Kent, United Kingdom

One-day workshop | In-person

Join us for a transformative one-day workshop delving into the profound wisdom of the spine, inspired by the teachings of renowned yoga practitioner Vanda Scaravelli.

During this immersive workshop, Laurent will guide you through a series of gentle yet profound movements and breathwork aimed at awakening and revitalising the spine. Through a combination of Scaravelli-inspired yoga, breathwork, and mindful awareness, you will learn to listen to your body's innate intelligence, allowing it to guide you towards a more authentic and sustainable practice.


Winter Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation Weekend Retreat in Seaford, England

Florence House Seaford Southdown Rd, Seaford, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Weekend Retreat | In-person

Over the course of the weekend, you will be offered three classes per day. Instruction will cover breathwork and meditation in addition to hatha and restorative yoga, as well as some teachings inspired by Vanda Scaravelli.


Yoga and Somatic Wellness Retreat in Santillan Yoga and Wellness Centre, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

Centro Santillan Diseminado Chilches Rural, 100,, Malaga, Spain

8 days Retreat | In-person

This exclusive yoga retreat in the southern foothills of Spain will leave you nurtured and revived. Set in an authentic Andalusian farmhouse with gardens overlooking the Mediterranean, this location is the perfect space to find time to deepen your practice in yoga, bodywork, breathwork and meditation.

Over seven days, Laurent will offer twenty-five hours of rejuvenating and relaxing practices spread across themed yoga and somatics workshops, in one of Europe’s finest yoga studios. The specially curated program is designed to maximise your wellbeing and restore vitality to your body and mind.