Immersive One-day Workshop – Your body is elastic: Somatic and Free movement, Breath, Fascia Anatomy, and Yoga

1-day Workshop | In Person

Saturday 11th May 2024
11:00 am


5:00 pm
Unit 3B, 9 Park Hill, Clapham London,SW4 9NS United Kingdom

Price: £


This event is strictly limited to 15 participants.

Did you know our bodies comprise connective tissue called fascia, which supports us in movements and motion intelligently and fluidly?

For a while, the world of yoga and movement has been awakening to the idea that it is not confined to one posture, movement, or direction when the body moves.

In movement and yoga classes, we focus more on connections and relationships from one body part to another, muscles to muscles, bones to bones, muscles to bones and tissues to tissues, thus creating a connected and intelligent moving structure.

To move efficiently, freely, and safely on and off the mat, we must understand this connection and the moving body in a three-dimensional way.

In this practical and explorative fun one-day workshop, we will learn about anatomical ideas and concepts of elasticity and bio tensegrity, revisit ‘stretching’ with pandiculation, and experience freedom, space and the power of mind-body connection with somatic and mindful movements.

We will utilise various movement techniques like somatic yoga, Feldenkrais, Mindful yoga, and Qigong.

We will explore and understand a new body map through spontaneous and intuitive movements and the complete freedom of movement to fully grasp this concept.

Of course, this body-mind experience cannot function without the flow of breath. We will explore how to use breath to ease us into this enjoyable, creative, uplifting bodywork practice. Breathing techniques and visualisations will seamlessly link our mind and body, allowing our minds to visualise this new three-dimensional body map.

More importantly, we will explore and discover within our bodies to access new and beneficial transformations for our well-being, such as knowledge about ourselves and the mind-body connection and mindfulness to destress and find calm and peace.

After the workshop, bodily and mental tensions will dissipate. You will feel stimulated, strong, and balanced. You will cultivate your own freedom of movement!

This rejuvenating one-day event is aimed at anyone with all abilities and health conditions.

Contact us if you need to discuss your situation or have any questions.

The Space
Unit 3B, 9 Park Hill, Clapham London,SW4 9NS United Kingdom