About Laurent

Accessible, practical, and simple practices for the body and mind

Laurent’s meticulous yet relaxed and humanistic approach to teaching yoga combines classical and contemporary elements, and he offers a therapeutic and supportive practice suitable for all levels, ages, and abilities.

He draws his pedagogic inspiration from decades of extensive experience with several yoga methods and Scaravelli teachers such as Sandra Sabatini, Su Sareen, John Stirk, and Peter Blackaby. His current work and studies with Feldenkrais tutor Michal Havkin support his somatic teachings.

This multi-faceted approach is orientated towards giving you all the necessary tools to develop your practice in a way that feels most helpful for their physical and psychological well-being.

Authentic and non-dogmatic teaching, every time

During the last decade, Laurent has specialised in a contemporary interpretation of traditional pranayama and meditation alongside other recent breathwork and meditation methods. With these tools in his hands, he aimed to emphasise the cultivation of a caring, understanding, and helpful yoga culture centred on respect, safety, self-knowledge, and support for others.

Laurent’s experience and skills allow him to offer you the tools of yoga and somatic practices therapeutically, privately and in groups during his online and in-person classes, wellness workshops, and events around London, in the UK and abroad.

Compassionate connection

He supports students dealing with mental health including stress, anxiety, trauma, burnout and insomnia. He also works with cancer patients at any stage in their illness or recovery and helps them move through their healing journey, and deals with their mental health. He is a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

Because of his extensive experience and knowledge of breathwork, he helps people enduring and experiencing breathlessness caused by pulmonary illnesses such as asthma, COPD, Covid-19, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

He trains students, yoga teachers, therapists, healthcare workers, and others every year during his 60-hour Pranayama and Breathwork & Pranayama Teacher Training and his 55-hour Yoga Nidra Teacher training programs.

In his spare time, Laurent produces a blog, on-demand content and a podcast about health and well-being called “The Penny Drops Podcast“.

Many thanks and all my gratitude to my teachers and mentors, past, present and future. Thank you to all my students who trust me, believe in me and allow me to learn and grow beside them. Endless love to my husband José, my family and friends who support me through this journey.