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Yoga Nidra Masterclass: Nourishing and Resting with The Breath

Online via Zoom

1.5-hour Masterclass | Online

Join Laurent for the final Yoga Nidra masterclass of the year. Explore how to harness the meditative power of your breath to invite restoration, nourishment, and both physical and mental support during this busy, demanding time of year.

In this session, you'll learn to use your breath to nourish your body, calm your mind, soothe your nervous system, and discover deep rest. Experience the beauty of stillness and the transformative energy within you. Embrace profound peace and rejuvenation. Breathe, relax, and renew.


Exploring Inner Harmony: A Journey Through the Whole Body for Physical and Mental Well-being

The Life Centre Notting Hill 15 Edge Street, London, United Kingdom

3-hour workshop | In-person

Tn this 3-hour workshop you'll explore different parts of yourself that affect your body, energy, and mind. Discover how breathing, sensing, and visualising specific areas along your spine can enhance your physical and mental well-being. Connect with various parts of your spine, like your tail, navel, heart, throat, and head, to achieve a happier and more balanced state. Laurent will guide you through gentle movements, breathing exercises, and meditation in simple positions, making this event accessible to everyone.

This slow-paced workshop promises to leave you feeling grounded, lighter, and at peace. It's the perfect opportunity to try breathwork and meditation in a relaxed and uncomplicated way.


New Year Vitality: Energising Yoga, Movements, Breathwork, Meditation

Online via Zoom

1.5-hour Masterclass | Online

Join Laurent for a one-off 90-minute New Year dynamic masterclass celebrating a new start with yoga, movements, breathwork, and meditation.

Cultivate and energise yourself for inner peace, harness the power of your breath, and find serenity through mindful movement. Equip yourself with the tools to start the year positively.

Laurent will share his unique approach, elevating your well-being with clarity and balance as you enter the new year.

Happy New Year!


One-day yoga retreat: Touching Your Body with the Breath -Explorative & Self-Caring

The_Space Unit 3B, 9 Park Hill, Clapham, London, United Kingdom

1-day retreat | In-person

In January 2024, join us for a one-day winter retreat in London to celebrate the launch of Laurent's new meditation and breathwork guide, "Touching the Body with the Breath."

Experience self-exploration, relaxation, and self-care as we explore how our breath links mind, body, and the universe. Through gentle movement and intentional breath direction, nurture presence and relaxation. Enjoy somatic movements, therapeutic yoga, meditative breathing, and deep relaxation techniques for self-awareness and inner calm.


Healthy gut, healthy mind – Holistic Practices for Well-being

The Life Centre Notting Hill 15 Edge Street, London, United Kingdom

3 hour workshop | In-person

During this 3-hour workshop, Laurent wants to share his experience and tips and guide you on maintaining this vital part of your anatomy for a healthy state of mind.

Join this practical and educative somatic, breathwork and deeply introspective event exploring ways to connect with your lower belly chamber, core muscles, and soft organs, which often support tension, burning sensations, indigestion, and discomfort.

Discover and communicate with the enteric nervous system placed in the abdominal region, often called our 'second brain', supporting digestion and linking to our autonomic nervous system through the vagus nerve.


Winter Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation Weekend Retreat in Seaford, England

Florence House Seaford Southdown Rd, Seaford, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Weekend Retreat | In-person

Over the course of the weekend, you will be offered three classes per day. Instruction will cover breathwork and meditation in addition to hatha and restorative yoga, as well as some teachings inspired by Vanda Scaravelli.


Yoga and Somatic Wellness Retreat in Santillan Yoga and Wellness Centre, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

Centro Santillan Diseminado Chilches Rural, 100,, Malaga, Spain

8 days Retreat | In-person

This exclusive yoga retreat in the southern foothills of Spain will leave you nurtured and revived. Set in an authentic Andalusian farmhouse with gardens overlooking the Mediterranean, this location is the perfect space to find time to deepen your practice in yoga, bodywork, breathwork and meditation.

Over seven days, Laurent will offer twenty-five hours of rejuvenating and relaxing practices spread across themed yoga and somatics workshops, in one of Europe’s finest yoga studios. The specially curated program is designed to maximise your wellbeing and restore vitality to your body and mind.