Upcoming Events

Saturday 16th March 2024
Online via Zoom
90-minute monthly masterclass | Online
This class is recorded
In this session, I invite you to join me in exploring ways to emerge from the winter's sleepiness into the sparkle and light of the new season.Engage in grounding yet uplifting physical activities and techniques, including somatic movements, fascia work, and yoga, to foster our bodies' fluidity, suppleness, and flexibility.
Cost: £ 14
Saturday 23rd March 2024
The Space
Unit 3B, 9 Park Hill, Clapham London,SW4 9NS United Kingdom
1-day Workshop | In Person

Dive into Vanda Scaravelli-Inspired yoga in this exclusive one-day workshop, limited to 15 participants.

Explore the core principles of this gentle, non-dogmatic approach, focusing on grounding, breath, and spinal freedom.

Unlike traditional yoga, it prioritises natural alignment over specific poses, using breath to release tension.

The curated workshop covers key concepts like inner attention, breath cultivation, and understanding gravity. Suitable for all levels, including beginners, it promises a day of gentle exploration, offering a fresh perspective on yoga practice.

Cost: £ 75
Friday 5th April 2024
Online via Zoom
90-minute monthly masterclass | Online
This class is recorded – Available for one month.

In this 90-minute masterclass, explore the vastness of 'Space' through meditation, visualisations, breathwork, and deep relaxation.

Meditation, relaxation, and embracing the space realm promote mental clarity, reduce stress, and enhance focus. They foster a sense of openness and compassionate connection with others.

Cost: £ 12
Saturday 13th April 2024
Online via Zoom
90-minute monthly masterclass | Online
This class is recorded
In this spring-focused masterclass, I'll share techniques to foster growth and expansion and embrace the power of polarity. From a stabilising deep sense of rooting from the earth, anticipate a sense of movement and self-expression in space!We'll explore our extremities and polarity through expansive movements, length-focused yoga poses, attention to the four sides of the body, spinal expressions, and practising with open eyes to feel free and expressive, lighter, and more spacious.
Cost: £ 14
Friday 19th April 2024
The Life Centre – Notting Hill
15 Edge St, Kensington, London W8 7PN, UK
2-hour Workshop | In Person

In this two-hour workshop, Laurent will show you simple and proven techniques and tricks to enhance sleep and combat insomnia.

Discover easy-to-remember somatic moves and breathing and mindfulness exercises for bedtime tranquillity. The session will conclude with a tailored yoga Nidra practice promoting restful sleep, leaving you rejuvenated until the following day.

Cost: £ 30