What Our Clients Say:​

Hi Laurent,I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to take part in your wonderful meditation classes. I can’t tell you how much they mean to me, especially during these dark times, where emotionally things just seem tougher than ever. Your classes have given me structure and a chance to really ground myself, which is absolute magic.I really appreciate your time and wisdom and wanted to share my gratitude to you. Your warmth, kindness and softness have been a great medicine.
I was apprehensive about the creative writing sessions but thoroughly enjoyed it as well as trying to write the visualisation scripts. There are so many talented people on the course; I feel very privileged to be able to take part. Thank you for your hard work and supportive guidance.
Helen Mortimer
Am feeling grateful to be on this journey with you as you share your knowledge and expertise with us. Your friendly approach makes it easier to learn. But also appreciate when you need to really make sure we have an understanding of what this practice is and what we are offering. Am going to miss it!
Diana Saline
Hi Laurent,Entering your workshop yesterday made me so happy, deeply connected and relaxed.I felt a re-connection with the times of doing my yoga teacher training course in which pranayama played such an important role. In that time it was an Indian woman who inspired me a lot. And now you inspire me, with a light and bright touch on a very serious, energetic subject. BREATH… Strange and special is to feel that my Zen- practice till now brought me such a lot next to this. Just not to move but to be just silent.Thanks a lot, till the next month. I will practice!!!!!!
Margreet Melman
Thank you Laurent for the amazing training you offered, it was delivered with such clarity and ease and that little touch of humour which made it a great experience!
Victoria Sueur
Laurent, I wanted to drop you a message to congratulate you on your amazing podcast. I haven’t lived in London in a couple of years but being able to hear your soothing voice tell me all the things I need to know is so comforting from all the way in Cape Town!I’m not sure I truly knew how to breathe until I took your classes in London and you were one of the teachers that inspired me to become a yoga teacher myself. Thank you thank you thank you ?I’d love to do a Breathwork teacher training with you at some point.Sending greetings from South Africa! Xx
I just wanted to say thank you very much for such a brilliant course. The techniques you’ve taught us are really useful – especially for dealing with stress/ anxiety. They are also helping when I do mindfulness. So thank you! I hope to see you again sometime at Battersea Yoga.
Nicola (Yang-Cochran)
Just wanted to say how much I and my husband enjoyed the weekend in Florence House and your classes.Great yoga, great food, great weather and a sprinkle of celebrity – what’s not to like? Thank you!
Anna Korycinska
I Loved how you explained why we did the meditation that way and the benefits we could get from mixing it around (using more or less of the intellectual brain vs heart brain vs movement/energetic brain).I’d love to come to more of your classes or any workshops you may be doing on meditation this year.
Victoria Sueur
Thank you so much for the pranayama breathing course- I thought it was fantastic and I am so pleased with what I was able to learn.
George Colebrook
Thank you, I am really enjoying your classes. You make the exercises fun and very interesting for us all, with great explanations of the mechanics and processes involved.
Henry Gregor
I just wanted to say thank you for such a special class yesterday morning.The work we did together felt transformational. This morning I did my So Ham mantra and breathing techniques before I did anything else and it set the tone for what I think will be a really great day.
Stacey De Souza
Many thanks for your class yesterday. So instinctive and loved the undoing of some auto pilot movements to find some weight and grounding for them 🙂 you remind me of some verbal dance teachers I have experienced in your language and approach. Thank you!
Helena Biggs
I just wanted to say how much I love your classes and what an incredible teacher I think you are. Your passion and creativity shine through in every class you teach and the way you express things is a joy to anyone in your class. I have been to many different classes, and everyone has their favourite teachers, whether they prefer their style, their voice of or their teaching methods. I know from teaching myself (not yoga) that you often are repeating things and for some teachers this shows in their voice or their boredom in class- I must say this is rare in yogahaven, but some teachers bring in so much more than others.You have a very unique way of making everything feel new and explorative. You teach by encouraging us to delve into the new, and you have an infectious energy. I know from looking around that room that others feel it too and it’s why we all keep coming back!Thank you for being so incredibly brilliant at guiding us through the ridiculously early practise. you’re so expressive, but it’s more than that, it’s the wonderful way you express being French too. 🙂 And your soothing energy combined with slight flamboyance (not quite the right word!) You are calm yet creative, energy giving with a soft focus, and you always teach with an underlying sense of humour in class that no other teacher has quite like you.Anyway, thank you for being you. It’s my one morning class each week that I always am able to make it to and I gain SO much from that hour each week.
Nicola Preskett
I attended your workshop yesterday and I really have to thank you! You mentioned that a lot of people that come to your workshops suffer with stress, depression and anxiety. Well, I’m one that suffers with anxiety. Being a class teacher in a primary school probably doesn’t help!I have been practicing yoga for years but have incorporated it into my daily routine to deal with the anxiety. Your workshop has made me realise that I am really not breathing effectively. Although I am able to relax, my shoulders and upper chest is in tension most of the time which means I am not using my lungs as I should. I really loved some of the techniques you demonstrated and I would love to add them to my daily routine.
Harri Mann
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I am learning from the classes.It is a revelation to spend time with such few students exploring the yoga poses, it has added depth to my understanding and appreciation of somatic mindfulness in action.The breathwork classes are lovely too and I am enjoying how they are building up over the weeks.
Carole Simmons
Also, wanted to say that I really think your breathing class has helped me tremendously, not just in the preparation for the surgery but, also for the recovery, so thank you very much!
Michele Cremona
I attend your Friday evening yoga session at Battersea Park whenever I can. When I leave at the end of a class I am always so grateful that you chose to follow your calling and to offer those classes – although i am sure your pastries were awesome too.Thank you for doing what you do and the way in which you do it. You have created a safe space for me to reset and redesign my state of being and develop an idea of how i want to be. It is an ongoing journey of course. But thank you for playing a role in my journey and being true to yours.
Yvette Du Preez
Dear Laurent, thank you , as I moved to this morning I remembered your class from yesterday. In your mindful classes you make us aware of how amazing our bodies are. Really working with mind breath & body. Yoga at its best! See you soon.
Damini Mc Dermott
I just want to thank you for such an enjoyable workshop this afternoon. I absolutely LOVED it and would do it again next week if you held one!! We worked quite hard and yet you made us feel relaxed and able..I feel very stretched! Your methods really suit me… I am a follower!
Lavinia Neilson
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop yesterday – just what I needed before a full week of teaching Dynamic Vinyasa! I think you could tell how much I enjoyed it by my snooze at the end 😀 – really refreshing to go to a workshop with such a great sense of humour and warmth.
I have just finished the intentional breath meditation, which I carried on for 35min and took me on a truly extra bodily experience. You are a continuous source of inspiration, and in the last 4 years you have helped me to awaken in so many ways with all the mindfulness tips that your classes are full of and that inevitably I take home with me and trickle through many moments of my days. I am not sure where I am heading to but I am glad I embarked on this yoga and spiritual journey as its making me very happy.A big fat thank you!See you in class.
Alessandra Novelli
Although I was a beginner I never felt lost and there were modified poses for me when I needed them.Thanks again and regards.
Alex Kipling
Firstly I wish to tell you that I loved your workshop. It was very peaceful and we all felt warm & welcomed.I found everything very helpful & learned facts I did not know. The pace suited me perfectly in my practice..and everyone else I spoke to at the workshop. Each step led into the next stage carefully & clearly.You have developed a beautiful method, you teach so clearly the understanding that relaxation is the way to maximum benefit.. is so helpful.I recommend your class to anyone that is interested as I know the benefits it gives to me.For me, it was a magical afternoon of peace & good health which I cannot wait to experience again.Thank you Laurent..you have a follower in me!
Lavinia Dale