Saturday Masterclass: Meditation with the Breath

90-minute masterclass | Online

Saturday 25th May 2024
8:30 am


10:00 am
This class is recorded – Available for one month.

Price: £


Focusing on the breath stands as one of the most widely employed techniques in meditation practices such as vipassana, pranayama, and mindfulness.

This prevalence owes to its familiarity and the profound connection we feel to it—it’s readily accessible. Acting as a bridge between the body and the mind, the breath straddles the realms of the physical and the subtle.

Understanding, listening, and ‘watching’ your breath deeply enables you to understand not only your body but also your mind.

When distractions inevitably arise, challenging our meditation practice, the breath is an anchor and a pole. It enables us to focus and shield ourselves from the noises of the external world and the internal chatter within ourselves.

Being with the breath is calming and grounding, the most relevant benefit in our life and meditation practice.

The 90-minute masterclass will be recorded and accessible for one month.

Online via Zoom