Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Laurent Roure

55-hour CPD course

Online Yoga Nidra Teacher training with Laurent Roure
After completing this course, your clients and students will benefit and improve their wellbeing significantly from experiencing profound calm and relaxation in your Yoga Nidra sessions.

Offer the Gift of Deep Relaxation Techniques to your Students and Clients.

Free Q&A Taster Session
Tuesday 30th July at 7:00 pm (UK Time)

Table of Contents

A Practical Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
Livestreamed via Zoom

By enrolling in this online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training course, you will not only deepen your practice and understanding of Yoga Nidra but also learn how to effectively teach and apply these techniques to support others in achieving profound relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

This Yoga Nidra Teacher Training equips you to guide this empowering practice skilfully and confidently.

If you’re keen to master the art of delivering effective and safe deep relaxation techniques to your clients or students in various settings and wish to become a Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher, this will allow you to:

Proven Results and Feedback from past graduates.

This Yoga Nidra course draws from years of experience offering effective relaxation techniques in various therapeutic settings, including yoga classes, hospitals, private sessions, and workshops in the UK and internationally.

My name is Laurent Roure, and throughout this journey, I’ve witnessed the profound impact Yoga Nidra can have on my clients’ and students’ wellbeing, even in the most challenging situations, like in palliative care.

You might also have attended my online or in-person classes or workshops in yoga studios such as The Life Centre, Yogahaven, and Orange.

I also brought the benefits of yoga Nidra and deep relaxation in the corporate world, and served employees of international companies like Sodexo, Ocado, Hush, and Nautica Law, to name a few.

This is what one of my regular students said:

“I attended Laurent’s yoga nidra class and it was incredibly relaxing. The calming effects lasted for several days. I loved his soothing voice, the gentle rhythm, and the clear guidance. The sensations during the practice were wonderful and it has been a tremendous help with my anxiety”.

Witnessing the potent impact of these techniques on my own students and clients, I decided to develop a comprehensive and pragmatic Yoga Nidra teacher training programme, to share my experiences and knowledge with other facilitators.

Many students coming from different backgrounds have successfully completed this training.

To illustrate some success stories, here is a couple of feedback from the latest Yoga Nidra Training in 2023:

“Thank you Laurent for such a deep and rewarding Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course.

I loved learning about the history of Yoga Nidra in different traditions as well as the science behind the practice and, yes, I was very aware of my Beta brain waves working in that part of the course(!) But I particularly liked the fact that we had so much teaching practice, both in class and recording assessed assignments, so feel very well prepared to run our own classes”.

Jackie C.

“I taught in a Yin x Nidra class to a room of 35 on retreat in Sweden this week. And it felt magical. And now people are begging me to do more of it. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your teachings with me, and for the way in which you bestow magical confidence in everyone to go out there are share them further”.

Richie B.

Feedback like this continues to inspire me to improve and make the training more and more relevant to the growing demands of modern life, such as relieving stress, sleeping better, and finding calm.

In my view, Yoga Nidra and deep relaxation are vital tools for enhancing wellness and wellbeing when taught with warmth, safety, and integrity. That’s the essence of my training!

After completing this Yoga Nidra training, you will be able to:

Whether you are teaching one person or a large group, most of what you need to know to elevate the Yoga Nidra experience is the same.

Upcoming Training Details: Dates | Times | Price

Over three weekends | Limited to 12 participants

  • Weekend one: Friday 4th – Sunday 6th October 2024
  • Weekend two: Friday 18th – Sunday 20th October 2024
  • Weekend three: Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd November 2024
  • Friday from 14:30 to 18:00
  • Saturday from 13:00 to 18:00
  • Sunday from 10:00 to 15:30
  • Live Online Via Zoom

Total cost of the course: £650 (this amount can be paid in up to three monthly instalments at no extra cost using Klarna at checkout).

Note: Attendees of the Free Q&A Taster Session on 30th July will receive a 10% discount on the course price.

Two Steps towards becoming a Yoga Nidra Teacher

More Information and How to Apply:

Step 1: Download the brochure, which includes information on the course content, syllabus, teaching methodology, benefits of offering Yoga Nidra, costs and fees, payment plans, and more.

Step 2: Once you are ready to start your journey, secure your space here:

By the way, after downloading the brochure, I have a gift for you… a 2:32-minute video, where I offer tips for finding your authentic voice when teaching Yoga Nidra.

Apply these tips, and you’ll notice a remarkable difference in your audience’s experience from the very start.

Want to get in touch?

Got questions, doubts, or simply want to learn more about the course in person? I’m here to help you with any queries and provide all the information you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Don't forget...

Before offering Yoga Nidra, always ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I offering this technique?
  • Am I teaching it from an authentic place?
  • What effects might my students experience on the physical, emotional, and mental levels?
  • Are my students safe?

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