Balancing Energies and finding Equilibrium meditation – Emerge in the new season.

The rhythms of the seasons influence our bodies and all beings. We come from nature, and nature has ways to show us how to live and move through the seasons.

Autumn is about integration and assimilation, Winter is rest and meditating, Spring is about growth and discoveries, and Summer is about expressions and actions.

The transitions from one seasonal transformation to another are crucial and need to be respected and explored with care by watching our ways of being with ourselves and others, what we eat or drink, how we move and rest, how we use our brains, etc.

The work of yoga and self-exploration methods gives us tools to move through those stages smoothly and with ease, without too much resistance along the way.

Lilly Balch kindly invited me to her podcast, ‘The Morning Ritual’, when I led a short meditation helping us move from Winter to Spring.

It is a delicate time when we need to break up from a sleepy and dormant state required in the dark months to emerge and spring up slowly in the new season.

It demands an equal awareness of our grounding and growing energies that create balance and Equilibrium in our being. It is a simple practice using the feeling and visualisations of the moving breath in the body.  You can find Lilly’s ‘The Morning Ritual’ Podcast on all major players:

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