EP 26: Mindfulness is not Enough, a conversation about Equanimity with Dr Joey Weber

We have been told that mindfulness and meditation are transformative and essential to improving our wellbeing and mental health.

It is true, but according to Dr Joey Weber, it is not enough, and there is more to explore to achieve happiness and balance.

In this new episode on The Penny Drops, Joey and Laurent discuss equanimity, compassion and mindfulness joyfully and with humour to bring fresh insights and understanding to those self-explorative and meditative techniques. Expect some Aha moments!

Dr Joey Weber is a lecturer at the University of Bolton. He researches and studies equanimity to improve mental health, and he spent many years in a residential centre for Tibetan Buddhist studies.

He is also the book’s author of Why Mindfulness is not Enough – Unlocking Compassion with Equanimity.

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