EP 28: Sanskrit, The Language of the Gods with Elena Jessup

Have you ever heard the beautiful sound of chanting in Sanskrit?

Sanskrit is an ancient Indo-European language of India used in Hindu scriptures and classical Indian epic poems.

The beauty of its sound has the power of enchanting and calming the mind and the soul!
In this fun episode, Laurent meets Elena Jessup, a native New Yorker who has been teaching Sanskrit to children and adults for over twenty-five years in the UK.

She is an author, a scholar and the founder of Modern Sanskrit Collective, which aims to promote Sanskrit in the wider community.

They speak about the origins, history, structure, uses of this language, but the highlight of this episode is Laurent’s attempt to learn the Sanskrit’s alphabet – worth a listen!

Learn more about Elena’s work, teaching and events on www.modernsanskritcollective.org

Instagram: @modernsanskritcollective

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