EP 37: Speaking About Breathwork, Body, and Trauma-informed approach

In this episode, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Aneta Idczak, a Trauma-informed Somatic Teacher and Coach, for her exciting new podcast: “Through a Trauma-informed Lens – Exploring Soma, Psyche, and Soul.”

Several years ago, I delved into the world of trauma-informed approaches with Aneta, and our collaboration has since flourished. I’ve been honoured to participate in her annual virtual summit: “Through a Trauma-informed Lens: Yoga, Embodied Resilience, and Business.” Mark your calendars, as the next summit is scheduled for February 2024.

During our engaging conversation, we explored the profound influence of breath and the significance of somatic practices, particularly when confronting mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety, and trauma. (Please be forewarned – you might catch a few candid rants along the way! LOL!)

Our dialogue also delved into how we both provide our respective training and the invaluable lessons we aspire to impart to our trainees.

Now, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in this episode. If you’re keen to discover more about Aneta’s work, visit her website at anetai.co.uk

And for those interested in exploring my upcoming Breathwork and Pranayama for Health professional training, click on this link:

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