EP36: Breathing in the Back Meditation – Finding Calm and Serenity

meditation in the back by Laurent Roure

In this episode, Laurent speaks about the benefits of shifting away from our ingrained habits of thinking frontally all the time, which can burden our bodies and minds.

Instead, he invites us to develop an awareness of the back of our body, which enhances the mind-body connection. By focusing on this area, you cultivate a deeper relationship between your physical sensations and mental state. Paying attention to the back of our body automatically brings us into the present moment and consequently promotes relaxation, which can be very calming.

In the episode, Laurent beautifully illustrates the shift of our awareness through a meditation that starts at minute 16’20”.

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  1. I had a fall on 20 July and am still feeling bruised in the ribs on the left side. Feeling relaxed when lying on my back, but moving to upright position is uncomfortable.

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